Junior 8th Kup

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Junior Grading Syllabus (under 18yrs)

Yellow Belt to Yellow/White Stripe Belt

(8th to 8th A Junior)


Walking Stance, Outer Forearm Rising Block – Stepping forward 4 times

L-Stance, Outward Knifehand Strike – Stepping forward 4 times

L-Stance, Middle Knifehand Guarding Block, Walking Stance, High Obverse Punch – Stepping forward 4 times


BEST ATTACKING TOOL – Ball of Foot – Turning Kick

4 Directional Turning Kicks – both legs

All of Chon-Ji Tul in Own Time

All of Dan-Gun Tul with Instructor


(headguard reccommended at this grade – Headguards – (xstaekwondo.com))

One point free sparring – No Contact 


Answer the following questions in Korean

(click on the English word to reveal the answer)


Turning Kick, both legs

Front Kick, Turning Kick, both legs


Demonstrate a Sitting Stance