Junior 7th Kup

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Junior Grading Syllabus (under 18yrs)

Yellow/Green Stripe Belt to Yellow/Double Green Stripe Belt

(7th to 7th A Junior)


Walking Stance, High Outer Forearm Side Block, Middle Reverse Punch – Stepping forward 4 times

Walking Stance, High Backfist Strike – Stepping forward 4 times

Walking Stance, Wedging Block, Front Kick, Double Punch – Stepping forward 4 times


BEST ATTACKING TOOL – Footsword – Back Kick

4 Directional Back Kicks – both legs

All of Dan-Gun Tul in Own Time

All of Do-San Tul in Instructor’s Count


(headguard & Boots reccommended at this grade – Boots – (xstaekwondo.com))

One point free sparring – Light Contact 


Answer the following questions in Korean

(click on the English word to reveal the answer)

Sun Sonkut Tulgi

Sonkal Daebi Makgi









Hook Kick, both legs

Front Kick, Hook Kick, both legs


Demonstrate an L-Stance